Nancy R. Brandt Auxiliary

The Nancy R. Brandt Auxiliary was certified in 1990. Membership consists of professional women who are employed 20 hours or more a week. Meetings are held in the evenings to accommodate their members. In 2001 the Assault Survivor Kits® philanthropic program was established by the auxiliary to provide the distribution of new clothing and personal items to victims of abuse. This service is in partnership with Safe Harbor through the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office. Victims of family violence, sexual assault, child abuse or elder abuse are provided with emergency assistance.

The Nancy R. Brandt Auxiliary hosts a major fundraiser, Come Travel With Us, held annually in March. Funds raised at this event support the Assault Survivor Kit program and the chapter’s philanthropic programs.

Auxiliary members also volunteer their time at the Teen Club to share information about their careers with the goal of instilling in the girls a desire to pursue careers of their own and to obtain the education that will make that possible.

If you are interested in attending the Nancy R. Brandt Auxiliary Fundraiser, please contact the Chapter House for ticket information.